Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The world is ending day after tomorrow

I asked this recently on a message board I belong to. If you knew the world was going to end day after tomorrow, what would you do tomorrow? I would do the standard thing and spend time with family, of course, but I have decided that I would do a few more things.

I would rob a store. I would go in, fill a cart with junk food, and walk out with the cart without paying.

I would take all of the money out of my bank account and burn it in one big heap. (Assuming the bank machines were working, of course. I doubt that anyone would be working at the bank the day before the world ended.)

I would burn down my house. I couldn't bring myself to burn down pictures and memories etc., but the house, it would go in a blaze of glory. The cats would be let outside to romp for the last day of their lives.

I would call my father in law and give him a piece of my mind, but I wouldn't call my dad. My dad has had nothing to do with me for years and doesn't even know about two of my kids (or if he does, it wasn't through me that he found out). But my father in law is involved in mine and my kids' lives. He is of the fundamental version of a baptist and I would love to tell him why I believe he is wrong because I care. And because I care, I keep my mouth shut right now. But my dad, I don't care if I ever talk to him again in my life.

All of this reinforced something to me. It's not the things that make up your life, it's the people. The only reason I have a house is to keep the rain and wind off of me. The only thing that keeps me from stealing is that it would hurt people. The only reason I have money is that it is impossible to live without it in this day and age. But all of that becomes a moot point if the world would be ending the day after tomorrow. The things can go, the people are who I want to spend time with.

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