Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A not so nice memory

Why do people take pictures of and publicly post kids doing things that would embarrass them if their friends found out?  Here's the scenerio:

I'm eleven years old.  I live with my mom, sister and brother in the end unit of a decent townhouse complex.  My sister hates me and does whatever she can to make my life hell (no longer the case, just to clear that up).  Due to this, I have what I call "bathroom issues" (since resolved, I'm happy to say).  One day, I have to utilize the facilities for an extended period of time (take a dump) but I don't want to stop practising my trumpet (because I'm a geek).  So I decide to take my trumpet into the bathroom with me, seeing as how I'm home alone.  The lock on said bathroom is non-functioning for some reason (probably due to something me, my sister or brother did).  While I'm playing and doing my business, my sister comes home and flings the door open and starts laughing at me.  Then she decides that isn't enough humiliation and yells out the windows "Sara plays the trumpet on the toilet!".  Then she decides that himiliation also is not enough and goes back out and tells all of the kids playing out in the complex about it.

This is the exact same thing as when people post embarrassing pitcures of their kids on Facebook.  I'm not talking about little kids doing crazy little kid things.  I'm talking about older kids doing off the wall oder kids things (like playing their trumpet on the toilet).  Sure it's a funny story to share with your friends but visual aid is not required and never in a place where their friends may come across it.  When their parents comment on that picture, it will show up in the feeds of the kid's friends if they are Facebook friends with their parents.

So, parents, stop it.  Your kids will suffer through humiliation enough just by going through puberty.  You don't need to add to it.  Besides, do you want them to feel like I do now when I think about that incident?  No you don't, because I can tell you that I don't get the warm fuzzies about my sister when I think about it.


  1. But just to clear this up, Suz. I am still totally telling you all of the hilarious things my kids do. Including playing musical instruments on the can. :)