Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Never let it be said that I won't admit when I am wrong

My friend Dana informed me yesterday that there is indeed toxic makeup.  So, I will freely admit that I was wrong in assuming that no one would make toxic makeup.  So, let me modify my Halloween is dangerous! statement and say that you should check labels for toxicity.  And perhaps it would be prudent to monitor your kids when they put their makeup on.  You know, to make sure they don't eat it. ;) OK, OK, to make sure they don't accidentally get any in their mouths.

This made me wonder just what it is I put on my face every few months when the occasion calls for it. Using my mad google skillz, I found Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database.  The pressed powder I use got a rating of 7 out of 10 for toxicity, 10 being the highest toxicity.  My preferred eye shadow received a rating of 5 and my favourite lipstick received an 8.  I use eyeliner and mascara too, but don't have a preferred brand for those.

Now, my makeup routine is pretty simple and I don't use it frequently. Others use it daily and use a wide variety of products.  Why are we allowing these things on and in our bodies in the name of beauty?  I like to feel pretty and look fabulous when I go somewhere that is more adult in nature but do I really need to poison myself to do that?  I will still continue to use these products until they're gone, but when it's time to replace them you can be sure I will be looking at the toxicity level of each product before I buy it.

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