Sunday, February 7, 2010

Narcolepsy does have some benefits

One of the "side affects" of narcolepsy is having vivid dreams.  It is one side affect that I have and the only one that I actually like.  (I especially like it when it involves some really buff naked men.)  I have been saying for years that I watch movies while I sleep and my narcolepsy diagnosis gave me a reason for it.  Last night, I had a really neat dream, albeit some of it involves some not-so-neat occurrences.

*wavy screen, tinkling sound here*

It started when I was at home with my mom and dad at the supper table.  (They weren't my mom and dad, just my dream mom and dad.)  I must have been around fifteen years old or so.  The time period was in the medieval ages (or sooner, it wasn't too clear) and I am assuming it was in Britain. My parents needed to go on a trip somewhere and decided to take me and the youngest sibling along but to leave the other siblings (who never made an appearance they were just mentioned) at home.  We all packed up, hitched a wagon to the horses and off we went.

The first part of the trip was uneventful.  We slept outside and when it rained we had to find cover somewhere.  There were a few days of travel and then we made it into a little town.  It was the town where my father grew up, but it had changed a lot since then.  When he had left, there was pretty much nothing there but now they were starting to put some roads in, there were houses lining the roads, shops, a market and a castle.  We parked the wagon and set out to find my father's friend.  After asking around a bit, we found out that his friend was actually the one living in the castle.  (I want to say the king, but I'm not sure if that's what he was or if it was more of a fortified town kind of thing.)

We went to the castle and found his friend.  He had a bunch of kids, I can't remember them all, but I remember a boy of about seven years old, a girl the same age I was and two older boys in the sixteen to eighteen age range. There were definite sparks between me and the older of the two. The two older brothers were really different from each other, but were really close and one was hardly ever seen without the other.

My father's friend took us on a tour of the town.  He showed us what was around when my father was little and what had been added and when. There was a lot of mention of when the roads went in for some reason.  He then showed us how the town was uniquely set up to defend itself.  With the turn of a crank, all hell would be let loose in the town by means of spears, arrows, canons etc. etc. etc.We were all invited to stay with the family, but my parents wanted to stay in the town.  However, I had really hit it off with the girl so they let me stay with the family.

During the night, the girl and I snuck out and hit it up around the town.  We were out having a good time.  However, as we were sneaking out, one of the younger kids saw us.  She went and found her mom and told her that we were gone and went out to get drunk.  The mom said something to the effect of "I thought they would have left later" and went on her way.

The older of the two oldest boys was sleeping in his room when the little seven year old boy woke him up.  He was sitting in a chair beside the bed and said the his older brother "You didn't say your prayers before you went to bed."  It appeared that the little boy was prone to sleepwalking.  The older brother said something and I really wish I could remember what he said because it was really weird.  Older brother got up, picked up younger brother and put him back to bed.  On his way back to his room, he ran into his mom who asked him to go out and look for me and his sister but to just keep an eye on us and leave us be.  The younger of the two oldest brothers went along as well.  They decided to split up to try to find us.  But the younger of the two brothers (who was not a nice person at all) just went out to have his own good time instead of looking for me and his sister.

The sister and I were out having a good time when we ran into the younger of the two brothers in a pub.  He convinced his sister to let him take me on a tour around the town and we left together.  We walked around the town for a bit and the went back to the castle.  When we got there, he forced me into his room and raped me.  I left the castle and went to my parents and told them. My mother was livid and went to talk to my dad's friend about it.  My dad's friend confronted the boy about it and even though he denied it, his father knew what a jerk he was and didn't believe him.  He had him beaten. My parents decided to pack it up and leave the town and I agreed with them.

Me and my family tried to leave but for some reason couldn't.  It was pouring rain so that could have been it.  I was standing talking to the sister I got along with really well.  We were standing in a certain part of the castle courtyard, near the market I think because it was really really busy, when the oldest brother came up to us and asked us if we had seen the brother who had raped me (he didn't put it that way but I can't remember names).  We said we hadn't.  The oldest brother then looked over our shoulder and said "Oh shit!" and took off running.  There was this really weird noise and the sister looked at me and said, "Don't move!  We'll be safe here if we don't move!"

The brother who had raped me was getting his revenge on me and his father.  He turned the crank that let loose the defences of the town.  Normally, a warning bell would ring and the citizens would all gather at the safety point where the sister and I were standing but the brother didn't want anyone to get a warning, of course.  So, all through the town spears, arrows, cannons and spiky balls were shot.  People were running for the safety of the courtyard but few made it.  I saw soldiers on horse back go down, old ladies shot through the heart with arrows, children impaled with spears.  I saw the king and his wife brought down by the very defences set out to keep them safe.  I saw the oldest brother bring citizen after citizen to safety and then be forced to stay in safety himself when the crowd saw the king die.  They didn't want the younger brother to become king.  There was a lady who was running and made it under some shelter.  We all yelled at her to stay there, that she was safe but she didn't listen and was shot with a dozen arrows as she ran toward the courtyard.  I saw people use anything they could find to shield themselves from the onslaught, only to have those shields torn to shreds by the balls with spikes on them.

When it was finally over, I set out to find my parents and sister.  I did find them and they were alive but severely injured.  I took them to the courtyard where people where bringing the wounded.  The oldest brother was nearby surveying the damage when the younger brother who started it all came down to see him.  He had something in his hand and showed it to his older brother and said "Wasn't that something!  Look at this!  This must have been what the old lady tried to use to shield herself".  He held up a piece of wood painted red and cut into a circle that now had two holes right through it.  The oldest brother was not impressed.  He let his younger brother have it and then, as his first act as the king, ordered his brother killed.  Some guards came and took the younger brother away and the older brother followed.

After a while, the older brother came back.  I was standing with my parents, who had been treated by this time, and he came up to me. I asked him if his brother was really dead and he said he didn't want to do it, but yes he watched him be executed.  He talked to me about how they lost most of their citizens and that he would have to encourage people to get married and start having children right away.  Then he said that he would like to set the stage for all of that and said the him and I should get married right then.  I said that I had my doubts that the citizens would like that after such a massacre and so he asked all of the citizens what they would like.  They all wanted us to get married and so we decided on the next day to be the marriage date.  The courtyard was cleaned up and a carriage with two horses was found for me the next day.  I was dressed in a really beautiful dress and driven around the town so all of the townfolk could follow the carriage to the ceremony.  My parents and sister were there and then the oldest brother and I were married.

And I suppose I lived happily ever after, but I will never know because that's where the dream ended.  Sounds just like a Twightlight novel, actually.  Or maybe even better. ;)


  1. Holy crap that was interesting.

    You really should build around that and write a story.

  2. Oh Angel, I am not a writer at all! But yeah, it was really interesting!

  3. Very cool story, and well-written, you need to give yourself more credit.
    Please don't think I'm crazy, but I was wondering if you used to post on the baby kottage site under the screen name "Eleanor Rigby". I used to post there too and I heard the song the other day and I started to wonder whatever happened to "Eleanor". I checked out TBK and clicked on another members blog and found your blog that way--I swear I'm not a stalker! I posted under the screen name Polyeth12. I don't know if you remember me or not. Sorry if I have you confused with someone else.

  4. And suddenly, Sara remembers she has a blog. :) Yes I did used to post at TBK. There were some issues that caused me to leave, unfortunately. But I found a wonderful new home at The Parent Path ( and can be found as Eleanor Rigby there too.

  5. I forgot I found your blog, lol. May be I'll check out parentpath. I always liked your comments on babyzone and TBK.