Friday, May 15, 2009

My weird little family

Some random weirdness from my randomly weird family.

My Victoria turns five tomorrow. I'm not sure who gave her permission to do that, but she is. When we're talking weirdness, Victoria sets the bar. She's just such a free spirit and my biggest hope for her in the next few years is that her spirit is not squashed. She's so much like me and she's lucky to have me because I don't think my mom knew what to do with me. And I'm luck to have her because her and I are kindred spirits and will always share that bond. Happy birthday Victoria!


Each night, I sing to the kids while I put them to bed. Last night, Rosemary and Victoria asked me to sing "Still Alive", the song at the end of the game Portal for the XBox 360. So, we sang it. And now I have beat the game three times in a row for Rosemary so we could sing along. (Yes I know I could just go to Youtube, but that's not as much fun, is it?)

Brings to mind the time Madeleine was asked to sing a song in front of the class during the parent teacher night. They were doing some kind of game where a person would be asked to do a certain task and that is what she was asked to do. So she sang the Imperial March and got laughed at. Or maybe laughed with, I don't know, it's a sore spot for me. I was pleased with her choice of song!

So we're a strange family. We just are and we embrace that. People like to play "I Spy" when stuck in a long line with their kids. We like to plan out what we would do if the zombie uprising happens that minute. Or, we will discuss which would be worse, the zombie uprising or the machine uprising. For some reason, we get some flack for that. Why, I will never know, but the Looks do become tiring. Oh well, I am teaching my kids to be who they are and to disregard the Looks that they will get.

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  1. I love it that you are not holding back the creativity that your children possess. If only more parents were like you and Kevin, we'd be overflowing with creative people. Ahhh, we can dream, right?