Friday, May 7, 2010

I'm back. Did ya miss me?

So I'm back from a wee bit of a hiatus.  An unintentional hiatus. Kevin had surgery and then he went back to work seven weeks later.  I had to adjust to having him here and then adjust to not having him here.  Somewhere in the mix, my blog was neglected.

I thought I would see how I'm doing with my resolution check list.

1 - The top of Madeleine's quilt is almost finished.  I got mad when I kept making stupid errors so I set it aside for a while.  I expect the top to be completed this month.  I am buying the material for Lilly's this month.  This is Madeleine's, except add another chevron on one side and I have two panels done and sewn together.  One more panel is cut and needs to be sews.

2 - I am buying the yarn this month for what I want to make for Victoria and Rosemary. I don't have any plans on having someone come and teach me just how to knit, so this may be interesting.

3 - Wii Fit is going well. I am usually on it five days a week, but there are weeks when I miss a day here and there. Overall, I am happy with my Wii Fit progress!

4 - Weight loss is going well. Five pounds so far this year. If I keep it up I will reach my goal.

5 - Kids helping around the house? Did I really resolve to get that happening? Bwahahahahahahahaha! I did actually do one thing, though. They like to sleep in the family room and I let them once a month on the last Friday of the month provided they clean the family room and rec room ahead of time. They have only missed one month for refusal to clean the rooms. So, baby step, right?

6 - We are not eating out. This resolution isn't exactly hard to keep as we can't afford our grocery bill, much less eating out.

7 - Christmas shopping has begun. List has been made and shopping started. If I keep this up, we won't be spending a lot of money this December. That is a relief. We're also doing a modified buy nothing Christmas.

8 - I can't go to NY. :( Funds aren't there and Kevin will be having round two and three of his procedure this year so I can't really plan a vacation anyway. Sigh...

Not bad for five months in, I don't think.

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