Monday, January 11, 2010

A funny about a funny

Lenore Skenazy had a link to this comic on her Free-Range Kids blog:
(original can be found here)

I am a free-range parent.  My kids are free-range kids.  Even my five year old is allowed to walk to and from school on her own (after I signed a waiver absolving the school of any responsibility, of course).  But this comic had me laughing really hard.  You see, the other day this very thing happened to Lilly, my ten year old, while I was standing right beside her.

I am the parking lot monitor for the school (RAWR!) and get there about 20 minutes before the bell rings.  My kids either come with me or meet me at the parking lot if they are slow getting ready for school and I leave before them.  Lilly was able to leave with me the other day and I was just standing there waiting for the buses to get there when Lilly, who was right beside me, started laughing/crying.  She stuck her tongue to the metal fence pole.  I laughed at her, told her to keep blowing warm air at her tongue to melt the freezing and then laughed some more. She got free without me having to go get warm water to pour on her tongue and we both laughed at it.  This incident taught me something;  I am a horrible helicopter parent.  I didn't even once think of suing the school.

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