Monday, January 18, 2010

My life in pictures - week 2

Ah, the 80s.  This me in my favourite dress.  I'm unsure of how old I am, but that wall paper was in our house in St. Thomas.  We moved to the country halfway through grade 2, so I'm guessing I am six or seven here.  It's amazing how well I remember everything in this picture.  From the dress, to the couch, to the wall paper to the plant stand beside the couch, I could tell a story about all of those items!  (And I will. :))
My favourite dress

The couch. I hated that couch. It was our living room couch and so was more or less off limits to kids (the family room couch was plaid and I could tell a bunch of stories about it!). I'm not sure what the material was called, but it was kind of fuzzy and when you moved, your clothes wouldn't move with you because of the material. When my mom and dad split, my dad got that couch. It was then his living room couch. It had a smell that always smelled like home. Whenever I was at my dad's house, I would smell the couch.

The wall paper. My mom loved that wall paper. Every once and a while, my mom would switch rooms around depending on how much time she would be spending in any given room. If she was going to be spending a lot of time in the family room, the room with that wall paper would become the family room. If she was going to be spending a lot of time in the living room, that room would be the living room. Me? I thought it looked like our TV trays.

The plant stand beside the couch. My mom and dad got that as a wedding present. It was a marble top and wood base. I'm sure it's the same as any plant stand anywhere. When my mom and dad split, my mom got the plant stand and it came with us when we moved to London. We had this couch that had seven or so pillows that came with it and we would pile the pillows beside the couch when watching TV to give us some room. A friend of mine was over and he decided to jump on the pillows and make himself comfy to watch a movie. Except that plant stand was under the pile of pillows. It broke. And so did the wall. Oops!

I'll talk about the dress next week. ;)

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