Sunday, January 10, 2010

My life in pictures - week 1

I have decided that once a week I will be posting a picture that has to do with my life.  It may be a recent picture or and old one, but it will be accompanied by a story.  So here is week one!

Rosemary turned four on January 6th. For birthdays, we always let the honouree choose what we will have for dinner. We were at my mom's house on the 3rd to celebrate my 34th birthday and had spaghetti. Rosemary thought that was a wonderful idea and so decided we should have spaghetti for her birthday too. My mom has a kick-ass sauce recipe (that I took with me when I moved out for the first time, of course) but I didn't have all of the ingredients to make it. Lilly and Madeleine were in school so I bundled up the other two and we walked to the grocery store.

When we got to the store, I checked my wallet for the list and noticed that I forgot my money. Sigh... So, we walked back home and I went inside to grab the cash but it wasn't there. YIKES! It was nephew's rent money for January and it's what I use for groceries so I was a bit confused that it wasn't in its usual spot. I called Kevin at work (something I don't like to do) and he told me that he put it in his wallet. Why, I don't know but I didn't really press the issue.

Fortunately for me, nephew was home and in exchange for a ride to school loaned me $30. It was an adventure for us and what always goes on in the back of my mind now is that how, two years ago before I was on my depression meds, I would not have been able to handle that situation.

Here are Victoria and Rosemary waiting patiently while I brush off the car that I hadn't planned on using.


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